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Helena Cobban

Washington Politics

Another American first: a self-collapsing empire!

No world power has undergone a collapse as dramatic as what the United States has been undergoing. Are we seeing the collapse of American hegemony?


Covid crisis brings new global influence for China?

As “post-Covid” countries continue reopening their economies to business, the world may soon become divided into “Covid-safe” and “Covid-unsafe” zones.

Middle East

Two big powers arm-wrestle in Syria. Neither one is the United States

In Moscow and Ankara, two strongly nationalistic leaders, both endowed with a wily realpolitik-style realism as well as a strong dose of paranoia, perform an intriguing and complex diplomatic dance around each other.

Middle East

Did Washington Use a False Pretext for Its Recent Escalation in Iraq?

A New York Times report raises serious questions about the official U.S. account of the attack on the K-1 base in eastern Iraq on December 27.

Washington Politics

Barometer: U.S.-Iran War Prospects

It is possible that de-escalation between the U.S. and Iran might be achieved through international diplomacy. The alternative is a regional or global war.