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Gareth Smyth

The return of 'empire' in international politics
Global Crises

The return of 'empire' in international politics

Critics of multilateralism argue force will always shape world affairs. It is a small step to see empires as a means to stability.

Middle East

BOOK REVIEW: A historian looks at Persian Gulf rivalries on third anniversary of GCC crisis

“Mohammed bin Zayed was willing to pick up the phone and talk to Bashar al-Assad of Syria, but he isn’t willing to do the same with the Qataris.”

Middle East

100 years of conflict in Israel-Palestine and the 40-year Saudi-Iran rivalry: Best-selling Mideast books for 2020

All historians begin somewhere. Their choice of starting date reveals what they take as significant in explaining how we got to be where we are.

Washington Politics

How a misleading report on Iran from a hawkish 'think tank' made its way to Trump administration talking points

The Foundation for the Defense of Democracies gives Donald Trump and Mike Pompeo the ammo they need to see to it that Iran sees no relief during the COVID-19 crisis.

Middle East

How do Russians View the Middle East? There’s a Book for That … in English

A new collection of journal articles opens a window on debates within Russia and illuminates the thinking behind its Middle East policies.