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George A. Lopez

Global Crises

An opportunity to energize multinational diplomacy on Syria

An upcoming UN report will show whether a US-Russian agreement on providing humanitarian aid is working.

Global Crises

Sanctions will kill and rarely win when implemented with 'full force'

One expert’s recent claim that ‘nobody is killed’ when indiscriminate sanctions become economic warfare flies in the face of all evidence.

Washington Politics

It’s time to end senseless, endless sanctions

As the Trump administration’s ‘maximum pressure’ campaigns have demonstrated, sanctions as a policy goal simply does not work.

Washington Politics

Targeting the ICC: Misguided sanctions imposed yet again

Team Trump's show of force this week against the ICC was a metaphor for its disdain for international law and institutions.

Middle East

May 8, 2018: A day that will live in acrimony

Two years ago, on May 8, 2018, the Trump administration withdrew unilaterally from the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action, commonly called the Iran nuclear deal, and then imposed “maximum pressure” sanctions on Iran.