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Gregory Brew

Middle East

Missiles trained on Iran won't revive foundering Iran nuclear deal

With talks at an impasse, it might be time for some more creative maneuvering.

Global Crises

Biden can help the world avoid energy wars of the future

Biden can build on his ambitious plan to combat climate change by making renewables an international imperative.

Middle East

The Quincy Institute’s Middle East report and the hopes of a new Iran nuclear deal

Rejoining the JCPOA won't be easy particularly as hardliners are gaining influence inside Iran.

Global Crises

This is no time for new oil wars

Some have argued that the US should commit to an increasing dependence on petroleum, as well as ushering in a new cycle of overseas interventions propping up an existing, overburdened, and outdated system of U.S. military hegemony.

Middle East

Energy dominated: Why the price shock shatters the myth of American oil independence

Trump loosened regulations on oil drilling in pursuit of his "energy dominance" policy, but the recent Saudi "oil shock" has demonstrated its fragility.