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Ellie Geranmayeh

Middle East

How the West should respond to the Iranian uprising

The US and its partners should stand in solidarity with the protesters while keeping the diplomatic route open on the nuclear front.

Middle East

The dangers of US support for a Gulf-Israeli defense pact

The military alignment risks heightened conflict in the Middle East — without weakening Iran’s geopolitical position or nuclear program.

Middle East

How to overcome three obstacles to the Iran nuclear deal

With JCPOA talks restarting, European leaders must take their chance to prevent military escalation and further turmoil in energy markets.

Middle East

Biden shouldn't fall for the trap Trump laid to block Iran deal re-entry

There are creative ways to get back into the JCPOA and handle removing Iran's Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps from the foreign terrorist list.

Middle East

Force of habit: Why the U.S. risks being sucked into a military showdown with Iran

The U.S. needs to swiftly re-energize diplomacy with Iran rather than be sucked into new tit-for-tat military strikes.