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Esfandyar Batmanghelidj

'Do sanctions work?' is the wrong question
Global Crises

'Do sanctions work?' is the wrong question

A new book blasts past current dogmatic thinking of how to assess Western economic warfare policies

Middle East

Agreement and uncertainty: The Iran nuclear deal in a new global order

In their approach to Iran, Western policymakers should think beyond non-proliferation to account for the country’s attempts at strategic balancing.

Middle East

Sharp relief: Automatic benefits and the Iran nuclear deal

Parties to the Iran nuclear deal should focus on how to normalize their economic relationship in the long term.

Middle East

High stakes: How sanctions relief could impact EU-Iran trade

The new Iranian administration may agree on a revised JCPOA with the U.S. But if the economic benefits are paltry, political support will drain away.

Washington Politics

Will the Trump administration block Iran's request for an emergency loan to combat COVID-19?

Iran has asked the International Monetary Fund for help combatting the coronavirus. But the U.S. needs to approve and it's unclear what the Trump administration will do.