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David Sterman

Is the US military backtracking on airstrikes transparency?
Military Industrial Complex

Is the US military backtracking on airstrikes transparency?

A sudden shift in casualty information provided by AFRICOM after US attacks in Somalia should be cause for concern.

Washington Politics

Is the new national security strategy ending or merely pausing 'forever wars'?

The president has made some tentatively positive moves on drone strikes and AUMF. But let's take a deeper look.

Washington Politics

Why ending our endless wars isn’t a ‘vacuous’ exercise

Just because terrorists may continue to fight, doesn’t mean the US has to take the bait.

Global Crises

We need more oversight on US counterterrorism policy in the wake of AQAP’s confirmed involvement in the Pensacola attack

The US needs to state its objectives clearly so that we're not bogged down in counterterrorism operations indefinitely.

Global Crises

For Effective Counterterrorism, Abandon the Language of Defeat

The rhetorical power of using 'defeat' as a shorthand comes with dangers that are likely best avoided by adopting the clarity of simply stating the desired objective.