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David Isenberg


The rise and fall of the Mozart Group

The private military group became the darling of the West for its work in Ukraine, but an internal crisis among partners led to a quick demise.

Military Industrial Complex

After 20 years, Pentagon still lacks control over hired guns

A new GAO report finds gaping holes in oversight in the military's unwieldy private security contractor biz.


Onto Libya: Where there's a failed U.S. war policy, Erik Prince is there

A UN report says the Blackwater founder violated arms embargoes by sending weapons and men to aid militia chief Gen. Khalifa Heftar.

Military Industrial Complex

Erik Prince can take his 'have gun will travel' schtick right back out the door

The co-founder of the notorious ex-private mercenary firm Blackwater has hinted about getting the band back together.

Global Crises

The Energizer Bunny temporarily runs out of juice

Erik Prince is America’s poster child for our current stereotype of a war profiteer, wannabe mercenary, and perhaps the E.F. Hutton of all warmongers.