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Daniel L. Davis

With All Eyes on Israel-Gaza, Ukraine is losing war momentum

With All Eyes on Israel-Gaza, Ukraine is losing war momentum

There is no amount of aid that will grant Kyiv the military victory it is seeking.


Why Ukraine's counter-offensive is failing

Diplomacy is more important than ever as Kyiv simply doesn't have the human resources or physical infrastructure to achieve its goals.


F-16s won't fundamentally alter the course of Ukraine War

Biden's about-face raises many questions, but key among them are how effective can the aircraft really be, and what is the endgame?


Why does Washington want to risk nuclear war with Russia?

Rep. Adam Kinzinger's proposed AUMF is the latest salvo from DC's elite pushing the US in the wrong direction to do more in Ukraine.

Middle East

Our troops are targets in Syria. Why is Biden keeping them there?

After a US outpost is struck again, reportedly by Iranian-backed militias, the DoD assures our forces aren't going anywhere. This is folly.