Christopher Richardson

Christopher Richardson is an immigration attorney and former U.S. Diplomat. Richardson was a Foreign Service officer for 7 years. He served as various roles including Deputy Consular Section Chief, American Citizens Services Chief, Immigrant Visa Chief, and Nonimmigrant Visa Chief with assignments in Nigeria, Nicaragua, Pakistan, and Spain. He won numerous State Department awards including Superior and Meritorious Honor Awards. Richardson has been featured in Mother Jones, Slate Magazine, Reuters, NPR, Embedded, All Things Considered, SCOTUS Blog, BBC, Georgia Public Radio, Intercept, and the Atlanta Constitution Journal. He has also been interviewed by CNN and CBS. Richardson has written several well-received opinion columns for the Los Angeles Times, Washington Post, San Francisco Chronicle, Slate Magazine, Chicago Sun-Times, and the Nation about immigration policy under Presidents Trump and Obama. Richardson is a graduate of Duke University School of Law and graduated summa cum laude from Emory University in 2003. He is also the co-author of the Historical Dictionary of the Civil Rights Movement (2014). He currently works as the General Counsel and COO of BDV Solutions, LLC, an immigration consulting firm.

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