Bilal Sukkar

Bilal Sukkar works for the Middle East and North Africa program at the U.K.-based conflict prevention and peacebuilding organization Saferworld. His work involves supporting civil society in conflict settings to strengthen community resilience and build inclusive and just peace. He has conducted and contributed to research on Syria, looking at the U.N.-mediated political process, the role of youth in the uprising, reconstruction, and aid localization. He works with a group of Syrian youth in the U.K. on creating spaces for dialogue to further diaspora relevance and contribution to the future of Syria. He has previous experience working with an international NGO on the humanitarian response in Syria. He also worked with Syrian campaign groups on formulating policy and advocacy on Syria in the UK. In 2016, Bilal was awarded a Chevening scholarship to complete his MA in Conflict Resolution in Divided Societies from King’s College London. His dissertation assessed the viability of an ethno-sectarian power-sharing system in Syria and analyzed the role of regional and international powers in shaping the conflict towards such a possible outcome. He also has a bachelor’s degree in business administration with a concentration in finance, and a minor degree in philosophy, from the American University of Beirut.

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