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Barnett R. Rubin

The Janus-faced history undergirding the Israel-Gaza conflict
Middle East

The Janus-faced history undergirding the Israel-Gaza conflict

One's views tend to favor the East-West or North-South narrative, both steeped in a century of suffering.


14 months later: Five conclusions on Afghanistan withdrawal

The Taliban is still in charge and seeking international recognition. So is there any realistic way for the US to help move things forward?


How Biden can bring U.S troops home from Afghanistan

Leaving a residual force behind won’t work. Here’s a way to keep to the deal while pursuing peace.

Washington Politics

The regional dimension of COVID-19's interaction with war and peace in Afghanistan

The coronavirus doesn't care whether there's a war going on in Afghanistan, which makes the resource-starved country's humanitarian crisis even worse.

Global Crises

How to keep the coronavirus from hindering the peace process in Afghanistan

The coronavirus isn't just a general public health and economic threat. It can also impede prospects for peace.