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Benjamin H. Friedman


When courting quasi-allies like Ukraine becomes a moral hazard

U.S. promises (not always kept) of protection end up sidelining more prudent, diplomatic paths and protracting war.


The dangers of letting blustery rhetoric dictate US policy in Ukraine

If the Biden team really views the war as a protracted stalemate, as has been reported, why isn’t it pushing for a settlement?


Putin draws lines over NATO, Ukraine: Let the negotiations begin

As the crisis intensifies, Moscow’s ambitious security proposal may provide an opening to resolve the stand-off.

Washington Politics

A 10 percent Pentagon cut is a down payment on restraint

Recent efforts in Congress to trim the Pentagon budget are a good start, but there's a smarter way to do it.

Washington Politics

Restraint: A post-COVID-19 U.S. national security strategy

The response to the COVID-19 pandemic has weakened the U.S. economy, the foundation of its national power. This has implications for U.S. foreign policy.