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Andrea Mazzarino

Military Industrial Complex

Military families go hungry as US defense spending soars

Washington gleefully pours money into endless weapons build-ups, but the rank and file can't get help putting food on the table.

North America

The massive, unseen costs of our post-9/11 wars at home and abroad

Most of the suffering doesn’t happen in the moment of combat amid the bullets, bombs, and IEDs on America’s foreign battlefields.

Washington Politics

The military is sick: a Navy spouse’s take on why we’re not getting better

Top Pentagon officials and the high command are prioritizing the maintenance of empire at the expense of protecting the very bodies that make up the armed services.

Global Crises

'The Shooters Are Coming!' War on Terror, War on Education

It's difficult to quantify the indirect human costs of war: mental illness or chronic injuries in people eternally grieving or struggling to adjust to worlds that have often been turned upside down.